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1. When Elijah Wood's character and the gang go to the match which is supposed to be between West Ham United & Birmingham City the teams we actually see in the football action shots are West Ham United and Gillingham.

2. When in the Abbey, Bovver is on a table singing West Ham's team song. When everyone sings "Lets go F*ing mental" and starts throwing beer on Bovver his hair gets visibly wet. It cuts to another shot then back to Bovver whose hair is now dry. He is again doused in beer, then confronts Matt in the bathroom again with dry hair and clothing.

3. Pete has less blood on his face when he dies and the overhead shot is on him, than what he did when Bovver was trying to help him.

4. In the final fight scene we see Matt hitting a guy in the arm with a piece of wood. If you watch closely when he hits him the wood vibrates, indicating it is made of rubber.

5. When Matt has the Chelsea grin, he is obviously bleeding a lot in the corners of the mouth. But in the next scene with the van and then with the fight, the blood is gone and it doesn't show and sign of wounds and him wiping the blood away.

6. Before the trip to Manchester, we see Charlie Hunham and Elijah Wood outside King's Cross station (London's station for trains to the North East & Scotland) with a GNER train in the background. In the next scene, they are shown inside Paddington station (London's station for trains to South Wales, Devon & Cornwall) catching a First Great Western train. The next scene shows a shot of a Silverlink County train, which run from London Euston to Northampton and Birmingham. In these three consecutive scenes we are shown 3 different trains, run by 3 different operators, none of which actually serve Manchester.

7. When the GSE are walking to the final fight scene, Terry the barman starts off being on the right of Pete. Yet when they start charging the Millwall gang, he is now on the left.

8. When Bovver is helping Pete up on the beach, Pete says, "My mate Bovver, never could turn down a good scrap," but his mouth never moves.

9. When Matt is smoking on the balcony near the end of the movie, he takes a drag on his cigarette when Shannon is talking to him. Yet in all shots afterward he never blows the smoke out.

10. In the fight after Matt gets ambushed, as the gangs collide, Matt gets knocked down, yet in the next shot he gets knocked down again. How would he be able to get back up fast enough to get knocked down again straight away?

11. When Elijah Wood wakes up the next morning after being in his first fight he has a bad bruise on his left eye/cheek. In the next scene at the breakfast cart the bruise is gone, only a few scratches are visible.

12. Before the first match we see people in the Abbey wearing West Ham jerseys, but when they are walking to the game none of them do.

- Stop fighting! Use the ring? :D


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