2011-04-17 | 16:20:09

★ CAST ★


Elijah Wood as Matt Buckner

Charlie Hunnam as Pete Dunham

Leo Gregory as Bovver

Claire Forlani as Shannon Buckner Dunham

Marc Warren as Steve Dunham

Ross McCall as Dave

Rafe Spall as Swill

Kieran Bew as Ike

Geoff Bell as Tommy Hatcher

Terence Jay as Jeremy Van Holden
also performed the theme song "One blood"
& a few other songs.

Joel Beckett as Terry

Other Roles:
Joshua Kennedy as Lad
James Allison as Ben Dunham
Sicamore Sampson as Regi
Timothé Bosch as Jimmy
Richard Harden as Bar Tender
Papple Jammers as Firefighter
Scott Christie as Millwall Lad/Ricky
Tom Vloothuis as Firm Member
Daniel Smith as Firm Member
Brandon Devine as Firm Member
Mason Jones as Bartender
Carter Clements as Jeremey Chappele
Ryan Monheim as Running Guy
Steve Banks as Himself
Chevon Eastwood as herself
John Delis as himself


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